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  •  ·         Passive device, no power required.

    ·         Including 2 units as transmitter and receiver.

    ·         Supports up to 1280x1024 pixels.

    ·         Up to 135 meters via standard 4 pairs CAT5 STP or UTP cable instead of VGA cable.

    ·         Transmitter built in virtual DDC to avoid improperly setting at resolution and frequency.

    ·         Transmitter built in sync mode selection for signal stability.

    ·         Receiver built in sync filter level adjustment for signal stability.

    ·         Perfect for classrooms, lecture halls, tradeshows, video information displays…etc.


    Max. Distance via CAT 5 Cable
    640x480 pixels (15MHz)
    800x600 pixels (30MHz)
    1024x768 pixels (60MHz)
    1280x1024 pixels (100MHz)

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