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  •  ◎ Photoelectric infrared LED.

    ◎ Ceiling mounting.

    ◎ Not emit radioactive element.

    ◎ Send status signal every 15 seconds or 65 seconds.

    ◎ Auto send low power signal.


    ◎ Auto send resetting signal.


    Thermistor sensor
    Operating voltage
    Operating current
    static current:20μA ~40μA; alarm current20mA
    Smog sensitivity
    In comply with U1217, 3.2%/feet
    Operating environment
    - 5℃ ~ 50℃ ; humidity:10% ~90%
    Alarm volume
    85DB at 10feet
    Alarm output
    Wire mode:Audible/visual alarm, After the alarm eliminate, renew automatically
    Wireless mode:Alarm emitting frequency
    Wireless emitting distance(shielded distance):can customized

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