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    • **Live monitoring of up to 36 camera channels per page (max. 4 pages)
    • **Standardized intuitive GUI, identical for local site (NVR) and remote site (CMS)
    • **Rapid search and user-friendly setup of NVRs
    • **Supports instant playback to effectively resolve sudden emergencies
    • **Advanced search functions: event search and visual search (by video snapshot timeline)
    • **Local backup of remote video feeds streamed from NVRs
    • **Up to 4096 E-maps with NVR, camera, sensor & relay icons supported
    • **Advanced alarm center with real-time notifications, e.g. e-mail, warning sound, relay on
    • **Full POS functionality support with transaction text overlay and data search
    • **Supports multiple monitors outputs (max. 4 monitors)
    • **Supports daily remote schedule backup



    • Supports AVer new-generation DVRs/NVRs - E5000 Series
    • Supports up to 1000+ DVRs/NVRs - E5000 Series


    Display mode

    • Output resolution up to 1920 x 1200, GUI auto adjustment
    • User interface language following DVR/NVR
    • Playback with multiple search modes



    • Fully functional remote control
    • Live remote video and audio
    • Remote playback
    • Remote I/O control



    • Up to 33 channels per page, up to 4 pages
    • Different channel splits (1, 4, 9, 16, 8, 13, 33 channels)
    • Intuitive click-and-drag preview selection
    • POS information overlaid onscreen
    • PTZ and ePTZ control



    • Full screen display of recorded video
    • Event and visual search for easy retrieval of crucial data
    • Manual snapshot function
    • Cutomized video segment export



    • Receive alarm video clips from the DVR
    • Alarm triggers: DVR alarm, reboot, log in/out, HD failed
    • Alarm actions: launch E-map, enlarge camera view, relay output, warning sound, e-mail, file transmission via FTP, PTZ preset point



    • Up to 4096 E-maps in JPG or BMP format
    • DVR, camera, relay, sensor icons available
    • Show live video or playback by clicking on the icon


    Log viewer

    • Sort by categories: abnormal, event, network, operation, system
    • Search by categories, date and time, keyword
    • Export event data into .txt or .csv formats

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