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    9000P Portal
  •  The 9000P metal detection portal delivers low false alarm rates and high throughput. Patented multiple paired antenna coils marginalize false alarms, maximizing detection and reliability.

    The portal self-adjusts to withstand environmental interference from large static metal objects and heavy local RFI. Sensitivity range settings are selectable from 0 to 99 for accurate target detection, and a dual-channel bar graph meter makes it easy to optimize performance in busy locations. Cable-free installation with four selectable audio ring-tones.
    • 100 standard programs
    • Ferrous and nonferrous metal detection
    • Remote alarm relay and data output connector
    Passageway clearance (W x H):
    71.0 x 201.9 cm
    28.0 x 79.5 in.
    Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
    61.0 x 89.0 x 221.0 cm
    24.0 x 35.0 x 8.07 in.
    45 kg
    99 lbs.

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